Manifesto in brief

The Renter Manifesto sets out the steps needed to ensure that everybody has a secure, affordable and decent home. We are demanding:

  1. Open-ended tenancies and an end to section 21 evictions
  2. Rent controls which bring down rents to 30% of local income
  3. Public investment in a massive public housebuilding programme
  4. Private rented homes brought into democratic public ownership
  5. A welfare system that supports access to safe, secure, affordable housing
  6. National database of landlords and rents
  7. Decent and safe private rented homes
  8. Decent and safe temporary accommodation
  9. Private rented homes to address the climate emergency and help end fuel poverty
  10. Private renters to have control of their homes
  11. Improve access to justice for private renters
  12. End Right to Rent
  13. End discrimination against benefit claimants
  14. Homes not assets
  15. Renters rights to organise